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Final Fharmacy I

Final Fharmacy I

Date added: 2020-08-08
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Use the mouse to interact with items and objects in the game.


Final Fharmacy I free online reminds you of Little Alchemy 2 and Doodle God: Blitz games. It's a logic HTML5 game online you can play for free on Cool-Maths! This is a chance for you to show off your creativity when you try to make medicine to heal all the patients who are in pain. They need effective treatment to recover their health and you are the only pharmacist they can trust. There are lots of recipes that you need to learn and master if you want to brew potions to treat your patients. Think carefully before creating any type of medicine. Once you have created it, you will use that medicine to cure all the patients. It looks like this role is a little bit burdensome and challenging, but you should not give up on it because this is a chance for you to prove your creativity skills. Try your best to create all effective potions in order to save people's lives and you will become the best pharmacist! Play Final Fharmacy I unblocked now to conquer all challenges!

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